“We reunite the world...
       through fashion!!”

Jake f.R / Runway Director

“He is one of Seven Samurai who defy the stereotype of the fashion world.”
“He is the KING OF RUNWAY.”
“He will destroy the Paris Fashion Week!!”
-Takashi Murakami, Artist
“He has revolutionized the standard of fashion by destroying a fashion hierarchy.”
-Senken Newspaper
“Jake has demolished the value of Front Row and brought democracy into the fashion bureaucracy.”

His quotes....
“Fashion is not just about fashion. Fashion is a philosophy.”
March 6, 2011
“Runway is the only place where I can express my Resistance and Freedom.”
December 17, 2010
“The brain can not differentiate between FAKE and REAL.”
“Creation is driven by anger and sorrow.”
“Only fools can change the world.”
March 3, 2007
“On the end of the runway, there is Hiroshima. My runway is the expression of anger and sorrow of the Asia”
August 6, 2005

About Jake f.R

Also known as the "King of Runway", Jake f. R has directed over 200 fashion shows and events. Founder and director of Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) and Asia Girls Explosion (AGE), the "Runway of Asia's anger and sorrow", Jake also leads the TGC and AGE committee. Today, he announces and launches a whole new fashion festival. He will lead a creative force as a visual director to create the most spectacular show.

Jake had launched an unique fashion event in the past, collaborating "Fashion" and "Art", which was co-produced with the worldly known artist, Takashi Murakami.
He also produced many fashion events including “Osaka Import Collection”, “Kitson Night”, and "Kobe Collection" which gathered over 520,000 spectators in total. TGC has been broadcasted in more than 170 countries via television networks and internet media to more than 50 million viewers throughout the world. Jake f.R has succeeded in turning Tokyo fashion into a worldwide entertainment. The "WORLD RUNWAY" will bring excitement, enlightenment, and entertainment to the world.