the most spectacular fashion event on earth!!

It has evolved from Japan's biggest fashion show that shook the whole industry.
Today, the new fashion runway will be launched under the concept of....

“Power of Women Will Heal The World”

Eight different countries will gather to show their own "Power Of Women", competing their beauty and strength.

Fashion artists from around the world will unite for this one runway to present their BEST of the BEST!!

FG8 = Fashion Group of 8

8 world's fashion leading countries will participate and form the "FG8", the Fashion Group of 8. Participating countries will vary each year. The 8 participating countries of the first premiere WORLD RUNWAY are as follows:


Tournament Rules

Each participating country will form a team consisting a stylist as the director and a leader of the team, a makeup and hair artist, and five models appointed by the WORLD RUNWAY Committee. Each team(country) will compete against other countries for the winner prize of $100,000(SPR) in the "WORLD RUNWAY Styling Match". The theme will be provided by the WORLD RUNWAY committee. The team may select their clothes and accessories related to the provided theme from high mode to street fashion brands.
Judges will vote to select the winner of the competition.

Models' Qualification

The WORLD RUNWAY committee will select and assign five models to each participating team for this premier competition. However, each team will be entitled to select their own models for their presentation in the next 2012 World Tour competition. Selected models who will be representing their country must be influential figures of each countries such as models, actresses, artists, celebrities, etc. In the next 2012 World Tour competition, stylists will lead and direct the team with the liberty to choose their own team members, creating the fashion "Dream Team" to compete on the WORLD RUNWAY.