By uniting fashion art and design industries around the globe, GLOBALSUPPORT AID promotes and helps those countries suffering damages from disasters as follows:

1. Supports recovery activities of those countries suffering damages from natural disasters.
2. Contribute to empower all the women and children around the world, regardless of regions (developing or developed countries), race, religion, or age.

Portion of the “WORLD RUNWAY” profits will be donated as “GLOBALSUPPORT AID” to natural disaster relief activities around the globe. The amount and receiver of donations will be announced publicly on the WORLD RUNWAY official website.

The WORLD RUNWAY will be hosting a fashion contest event for "FASHIONQUAKE September 2011" with 8 participating countries from around the world.
The winning country will be awarded with the prize of $100,000(SPR), which of $50,000(SPR) is to be donated toward natural disaster relief activity as "FASHIONQUAKE AID".

Organized by

WORLD RUNWAY Executive Committee

The Prize

The contest winner will be entitled to choose the disaster relief activity to donate half of their prize ($50,000(SPR)).


FASHIONQUAKE AID and the WORLD RUNWAY are supported by Singapore Tourism Board(STB).

3.11 - JAPAN

Massive earthquake and tsunami disaster of 3.11 literally and economically shook Japan and the world.
Japan still suffers from the disaster and survivors are striving for recovery.

What can Japan do for recovery?

How can we heal Japan?

What are the messages sent to the world from Japan?

And how can we relate to those countries that are suffering similar devastations due to natural disasters?


We will step up to our challenge for our hope.
Japan unites as one with the world to meet the challenges.
We can show the world that we can always take a step forward with hope under any given situations.
We can recover from the devastations by healing ourselves with…

A Prayer Filled Festival-the WORLD RUNWAY.

This Festival will send out prayers to all the countries that faces similar crisis.
This Recovery Project will heal the wound.

Let us stand together for Japan, for the world and our future.


To whom all may concern;

We note that is very important information. We do not have any relationship with people as following. They are not a member of the Committee nor agency for WORLD RUNWAY. Plese take it serious and be careful. Thank you.

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