08 July 2011


“FG8” = Fashion Group of 8

Countries that have world’s leading fashion city will be chosen and forms “FG8” Participating countries will vary every year. The first WORLD RUNWAY kick-off friendly match will be competed by following eight countries.

Tournament Rules:

FG8 country teams will compete against each other for the award of (SPR)$100,000. FG8 teams will compete in “World Runway Styling Battle”. Themes for the competition will be given by WR committee. Each FG8 team consists of one stylist, one make & hair artist, and five female models. Stylists from each teams will lead the team as a director. FG8 can select any brand or accessories from any high mode fashion brands and street fashion brands. Judges are assigned one to one from each participating countries, and will decide the winning points. First battle will be the Kick-Off friendly match.

Models Qualification:

5 models will be selected from each participating countries and will appear on the WORLD RUNWAY BATTLE stage. Qualified models must be the influential figure (ex: model, actress, artist, celebrity, etc.) to represent their own countries. Stylists will become each country’s representative and has the initiative to choose the team member. Selected dream teams will battle on a runway!